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Stark Raven
ManufacturerEndless Horizons
Origincomic book
Assortments (2)
9" Figures Series 1
9" Figures Series 2 - Not Produced
9" Figures Series 1
Stark Raven
Vinny the Variant (with Normal Upper Body)
Vinny the Victim (with Transparent Upper Body)
9" Figures Series 2 - Not Produced
Story synopsis
The Story    
"They wanted my mind.... And when I stood between them and the technology I created... They wanted MY LIFE!!"
As a scientific soldier of the N.E.S.T. and FUTURE, the man that becomes STARK RAVEN learned that there were many self-righteous elitist agencies that would cross any line in the name of scientific human advancement. He was subjected to brainwashing to obscure the lines between right and wrong. After he defected with his discoveries in hand, the N.E.S.T. employed "soul washing" in a failed attempt to remove conscience, compassion, and values. After failing to reprogram his will completely, the N.E.S.T. attempted to kill him during the highly classified "Project: Nusol". After taking ten bullets and falling into the middle of the Pacific Ocean, anyone else would have surely died. But N.E.S.T.'s top commanders knew the caliber of the man they apparently killed. Thus, when Stark Raven attacks the N.E.S.T. two years later just when the objectives of Project Nusol are being achieved, fearful rumors begin that their most dreaded enemy has returned. Everyone was sure he died...except those who killed him.
As Stark Raven engages in a relentless, hard hitting battle to expose and take down the N.E.S.T., several mysteries unfold, including questions as to the identities of Stark Raven, Scorpion, StingRayzor and the Deathshadows. What dark secrets does Nusol hold? Who killed nineteen mafia leaders? Stark Raven butts heads with and ultimately receives the aid of Cobretta, P.I., and the manic martial arts master, Lunacy, in exposing the N.E.S.T. as having used the Deathshadows to control the mafia.
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 Official Stark Raven Web Site.  Official Stark Raven Web Site.
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