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The Ultimate Alien Hunter...
 1994 - 1997 
Assortments (5)
Figure 10 inch
Figures 1994
Figures 1997
Figures Mail-away
Figure 10 inch
Ultimate Predator 10"
Figures 1994
Cracked Tusk Predator
Electronic Lasershot Predator
Lava Planet Predator
Nightstorm Predator
Predator Clan Leader
Scavage Predator (dark green)
Scavage Predator (light green)
Spiked Tail Predator
Stalker Predator
Figures 1997
Renegade Predator 97
Scavage Predator 97
Spiked Tail Predator 97
Stalker Predator 97
Figures Mail-away
Ambush Predator (clear)
Predator Blade Fighter
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