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Queen's Blade
Assortments (1)
Excellent Model CORE
Excellent Model CORE
Airi (Special Edition) 1/8
Airi Maid Exclusive Use Version R-2 1/8
Airi P-4 1/8
Alicia Grimoire P-1 1/8
Alleyne (From Animation) 1/8
Annelotte Knight Princess of Revolt 1/8
Ardra (black) 1/8
Ardra P-10 (red) 1/8
Branwen Rebellion P-8 1/8
Echidna, Hired Guard (dark stockings) 1/8
Echidna, Hired Guard (red stockings)
Echidna, Hired Guard (Special Edition) 1/8
Echidna, Hired Guard 1/8
Elina, Captain of the Imperial Guards 1/8
Irma P-11 1/8
Izumi Rebellion P-9 1/8
Liliana P-7 Big Pirates Captain 1/8
Listy 1/8
Listy -Limited Rerelease Ver 1/8
Lunaluna 1/8
Mellona 1/8
Menace P-9 1/8
Mirim P-2 Ultra Vibration Valkyrie 1/8
Nanael 1/8
Nix P-4 1/8
Nowa, of the Forest Guard (orange) 1/8
Nowa, of the Forest Guard (pink) 1/8
Reina Vagrant Warrior 2P Collar Ver 1/8
Reina Wandering Warrior 1/8
Shigy Rebellion P-5 1/8
Shizuka 1/8 EX
Ta Nyan Rebellion P-6 1/8
Tomoe, Shrine Maiden Warrior (purple) PVC
Tomoe, Shrine Maiden Warrior (red) 1/8
Vende P-4 Crock Work Automaton 1/8
Weapon Shop Cattleya & Rana P-5
Weapon Shop Cattleya Passion of Red Again 1/8
Weapon Shop Cattleya Scorching Red 1/8
Ymir P-3 1/8
Yuumil, Iron Princess (black) 1/8
Yuumil, Iron Princess (Special Edition) 1/8
Yuumil, Iron Princess 1/8
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