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Legends of Batman
 1994 - 1996 
Assortments (7)
1994 Figures
1995 Figures - Assort 64010
1995 Figures 2-packs Assort 64180
1995-6 Deluxe Figures - Assort 64044
1996 Dolls
Figures (boxed)
1994 Figures
Crusader Batman
Cyborg Batman
Future Batman
Knightquest Batman
Nightwing (Robin has become)
Power Guardian Batman
The Joker
1995 Figures - Assort 64010
Buccaneer Batman
Crusader Robin
Dark Warrior Batman
First Mate Robin
Gladiator Batman
Knightsend Batman
Long Bow Batman
Samurai Batman
The Laughing Man Joker
The Riddler
Ultra Armor Batman
Viking Batman
1995 Figures 2-packs Assort 64180
Egyptian Batman & Egyptian Catwoman
Pirate Batman & Pirate Two-Face
1995-6 Deluxe Figures - Assort 64044
Deluxe Desert Knight Batman - w/Metallic Swords!
Deluxe Energy Surge Batman (with metallic armor)
Deluxe Flightpak Batman - Blue Metallic Armor!
Deluxe Silver Knight Batman - w/Metallic Armor!
1996 Dolls
Batman vs Catwoman
Figures (boxed)
100th Batman - Limited Edition
Dark Rider Batman
Power Spark Accessory Set
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Batman, Legends of    
The Legengs of Batman have always existed and always will, throughout history and into the distant future. Inspired by the timeless DC comics, the Legends of Batman action figure collection features the dark super-hero as he's never been seen before - stronger and more muscular - battling crime throughtout time.
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