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ManufacturerAmie Grand
Assortments (3)
Figure Kits
Polystone Figures
PVC Figures
Figure Kits
Akagi Ritsuko Resin Kit 1/5
Asuka : Gestalt (resin Kit)
Ayanami Rei / Kein Resin Kit 1/6
Ayanami Rei / Sein
Ayanami That August Gets Wet Resin Kit 1/6
Dress-Asuka Resin Kit 1/6
Goth Punk Asuka
Gothloli Asuka Resin Kit 1/6
Gothloli Rei Resin Kit 1/6
Katsuragi Misato Nude Resin KIT?
Katsuragi Misato Resin KIT 1/5
Katsuragi Misato Towel Version Resin KIT 1/6
Misato Mini Motorbike Resin KIT 1/6
Misato Mini Motorbike (Honda Monkey) KIT 1/6
Nagisa Kaworu Resin Kit 1/5
Rei After School Resin Kit 1/6
Rei of Cross (resin Kit)
Ritsuko Nude Resin KIT?
Santa Asuka Resin Kit 1/6
Soryu Asuka Langley Summer Vacation Resin KIT 1/6
Soryu Asuka Langley Summer Wear Kit 1/6
Polystone Figures
Ayanami Wet in August 1/6
Dress Asuka Polystone 1/6
Gothloli Asuka 1/6
Gothloli Asuka Polystone 1/6
Gothloli Rei 1/6
Gothloli Rei Polystone 1/6
Rei of Cross Noir 1/6
Rei of Cross Polystone 1/6
Shikinami Asuka Langley Test Suit 1/6
PVC Figures
Santa Asuka (Black Limited Color) PVC 1/6
Santa Asuka PVC 1/6
Soryu Asuka Langley in Summer Wear PVC 1/6
Soryu Asuka Langley Summer Dress (Black trim) PVC
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