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Legends of the Dark Knight
Premium Collector Series
Assortments (5)
Figures 1996
Figures 1997
Figures 1998
Figures 1998 Hasbro
Figures 1996
Assault Gauntlet Batman
Dive Claw Robin
Lethal Impact Bane
Neural Claw Batman
Spline Cape Batman
Twister Strike Scarecrow
Figures 1997
Bat Attack Batman
Bat Attack Batman (Toyfare Excl)
Glacier Shield Batman
Jungle Rage Robin
Laughing Gas Joker
Laughing Gas Joker (Toyfare Excl)
Panther Prowl Catwoman
Panther Prowl Catwoman (Toyfare Excl)
The Penguin
Underwater Assault Batman
Figures 1998
Batman: The Dark Knight
Lava Fury Batman
Figures 1998 Hasbro
Dark Knight Detective
Shatter Blade Batman
Skywing Street Bike
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Batman, Legends of the Dark Knight    
From a horrible nightmare, Batman awakens to a twisted parallel world where the criminals are in total, tyrannical control. In this apocalyptic vision of Gotham City, the villains are unimaginably deadly and the dark Knight finds himself surrounded. To fight back and regain control, he develops Neural Suit technology that acts as an integral part of his being, tapping into his thoughts and impulses and automatically reacting to danger without hesitation. Now Batman is a living breathing weapon!
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