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Action Man
ManufacturerDiD (Dragon in Dream)
Assortments (1)
40th Anniversary Nostalgic Collection
40th Anniversary Nostalgic Collection
17th/21st Lancers Set w/ boxed Adventurer
Afrika Korps Lance Corporal Set w/ Soldier
Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Set
Armoured Car Commander Set
Arsenal Footballer Set w/ boxed Sportsman
Astronaut Set w/ Boxed Action Pilot
Australian Jungle Fighter w/ Action Soldier
Base Camp Set w/ boxed Adventurer
Bivouac Sleeping Bag Set w/Soldier Blonde Hair
Blues & Royals Set
Boxed Soldier Blonde Hair + Parachute Equipment
British Infantryman Set w/ boxed Action Soldier
British Royal Military Police (MP) Set
Camp Kommandant Set w/ Boxed Soldier
Chelsea Footballer Set
Cricketer Set
Deep Sea Diver Set ( H.m.s. Ark Royal )
Escape form Colditz
French Foreign Legion Set
German Stormtrooper Set
Green Beret Set
Infantry Support Weapons Set w/ Action Soldier
Jungle Explorer River Craft
Lifeguard Set ( Berets May Vary )
Liverpool Footballer Set
Manchester United Set w/ boxed Sportsman
Medic Set w/boxed Action Soldier
Mountaineer Set
Navy Frogman Set
Olympic Champion Set w/ boxed Action Sailor
Parachute Regiment Set w/ boxed Action Soldier
Polar Explorer Set w/ boxed Adventurer
Ski Patrol Set w/ Talking Commander
Sledge And Dog Team Set
The Marine Combat Set w/ Sailor HMS Dreadnought
The Royal Marines Set w/ Boxed Talking Commander
West Ham Set W/ Boxed Sportsman
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