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Gears of War
Assortments (5)
Box sets
Series 1
Series 2
Dominic Santiago Batsu
Locust Grenadier Batsu
Marcus Fenix Batsu
Box sets
Baird + Fenix + Santiago + Cole
Baird + Fenix + Santiago + Theron Guard
Cole + Fenix + Locust Drone + Locust Sniper
Anthony Carmine 2008 SDCC Excl
General Raam Vs. Lt. Minh Young Kim
Headshot Locust Drone with COG Tags
Series 1
Augustus Cole
Locust Drone
Locust Sniper
Lt. Minh Young Kim
Marcus Fenix
Series 2
Damon Baird
Dominic Santiago
Marcus Fenix 2 (more articulation)
Theron Guard
Theron Sentinel
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