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Hellboy II The Golden Army
ManufacturerMezco Toyz
Assortments (9)
18 inch Figures
2 inch BPRD Buddies
Figures 3.75 inch
Figures 3.75 inch boxed
Figures Deluxe
Figures Exclusives
Figures Series 1
Figures Series 2

List all items (alphabetically)
18 inch Figures
18 inch Deluxe Abe Sapien
Hellboy 18 inch
Hellboy 18 inch (cigar)
Hellboy 18 inch (open mouth)
Hellboy 18 inch (wounded closed mouth)
Hellboy 18 inch (wounded open mouth)
2 inch BPRD Buddies
Hellboy in action stance + Golden Army Soldier
Hellboy in black shirt + Johann
Hellboy with Big Baby + Abe Sapien
Prince Nuada + Wink
Figures 3.75 inch
Hellboy (bronze)
Hellboy (trenchcoat)
Hellboy (trenchcoat) 2008 Con exclusive
Johann 3.75 inch
Liz 3.75 inch
Wink 3.75 inch
Figures 3.75 inch boxed
Boxed Set with Hellboy, Liz, Johann, Wink
Helboy + Golden Army Soldier Set Comicon Excl
Figures Deluxe
Deluxe Angel Of Death
Figures Exclusives
Locker Room Hellboy (with towel) 2008 ComiCon
Figures Series 1
Abe Sapien
Hellboy (cigar)
Hellboy (open mouth)
Hellboy (open mouth) (with sword)
Johann Krauss
Liz Sherman
Red (open mouth)
Red (open mouth) (with sword)
Super Nova Liz
Super Nova Liz (blue)
Figures Series 2
Hellboy (no coat version)
Prince Nuada
Princess Nuala
Wounded Hellboy
Hellboy (Bronze) Roto-bust
Hellboy Roto-bust
Right Hand of Doom Roto-bust
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