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The Seventh Kingdom
ManufacturerFour Horsemen
Assortments (3)
Kingdom Soldiers
Mynothecean Soldiers
The Queen and Her Court
Kingdom Soldiers
Chalice of Guudenuph (Horsemen Store Excl)
Evil Mutant Warrior Gruxx
Evil Mutant Warrior Ssejjhhorr
Ramathorr - elephant
Shield of Draumm (Raving Toy Maniac LE400) hippo
The Club of Thraugnn (Fwoosh LE300)
The Gauntlet of Vaskkh (AFX Excl) rhino
The Hammer of Gholl (Diamond Previews LE500)
The Helm of Xaanm - warthog
The Mace of Broggah (October Toys/TBreak LE300)
Mynothecean Soldiers
Defender of the Fiery Crater LE250 (RTManiac)
Guardian of the Dark Outlands LE250 (AFX)
Keeper of the Black Labyrinth LE250 (Figures.com)
Mynothecean Royal Guardsmen
Protector of the Icy Tundra LE250 (Toyfare)
Sentinel of the Woodland Forest LE250 (BBTStore)
Xetheus Champion of Mynothecea.
The Queen and Her Court
Akkuli (Action Figure Express)
Baddathiir (Big Bad Toy Store)
Biggara (Big Bad Toy Store)
Ccora (Corner Store Comics)
D'Zwirra (Wizard Universe)
Kromus (Fwoosh)
Oktobria (October Toys)
Queen Alluxandra
Queen Alluxandra - Swimsuit Edition
Raavia (Raving Toy Maniac)
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