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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien
Assortments (12)
Alien Creation Devices
Alien Creation Figures in 2-packs
Figures: 2-pack with comicbook
Figures: 4"
Figures: 4" Gold LE
Figures: 6" DNA Alien Heroes
Figures: Ben AlterAliens (cube heads)
Figures: Boxed Set
Figures: Deluxe
Figures: Hyperalien Kaijus
Alien Creation Devices
Alien Creation Challenge
Alien Creation Chamber
Alien Creation Laboratory
Alien Creation Transporter (blue)
Alien Creation Transporter (green)
Alien Creation Figures in 2-packs
Ben & Alien X
Eyeguy & Cannonbolt
Fourarms & XLR8
Goop & Big Chill
Heatblast & Wildmutt
Nanomech & Albedo
Nanomech & Ulitmate Spidermonkey
Ripjaws & Ghostfreak
Spidermonkey & Echo Echo
Ultimate Big Chill & Terraspin
Ultimate Echo Echo & HighBreed
Upgrade & Stinkfly
Vilgax & Diamondhead
Water Hazard & Ultimate Swampfire
Wildvine & Benwolf
Figures: 2-pack with comicbook
Ben 10 - Ultimate Spidermonkey & Vulcanus
Ben 10 Comic with Ben "Classic" & Vilgax
Ben 10 Comic with Six Six & Rath
Ben 10 Ultimate Humungousaur & Aggregor
Figures: 4"
Gwen Tennyson
Swampfire Defender
Ultimate Big Chill
Ultimate Cannonbolt
Ultimate Echo Echo
Ultimate Humungousaur
Ultimate Kevin
Ultimate Spidermonkey
Ultimate Swampfire
Ultimized Ampfibian
Water Hazard
Figures: 4" Gold LE
Gold Ampfibian
Gold Armodrillo
Gold Ben Tennyson
Gold Kevin
Gold NRG
Gold Rath
Gold Ultimate Big Chill
Gold Ultimate Cannonbolt
Gold Ultimate Echo Echo
Gold Ultimate Humungousaur
Gold Ultimate Spidermonkey
Gold Water Hazard
Figures: 6" DNA Alien Heroes
Ampfibian (DNA Alien Heroes)
Armodrillo (DNA Alien Heroes)
Rath (DNA Alien Heroes)
Ultimate Echo Echo (DNA Alien Heroes)
Ultimate Humungousaur (DNA Alien Heroes)
Water Hazard (DNA Alien Heroes)
Figures: Ben AlterAliens (cube heads)
Ben & Humungousaur to Ultimate Humungousaur
Ben & Jet Ray to Armodrillo
Ben ??? Ultimate Big Chill <> & Big Chill
Ben ??? Ultimate Echo Echo <> Echo Echo
Ben ??? Ultimate Spidermonkey <> Spidermonkey
Ben ??? Ultimate Swampfire <> Swampfire
Figures: Boxed Set
Diamondhead, Big Chill, Humungousaur, Water H
Four Arms, Upchuck, XLR8
Heatblast, Ultimate Swampfire, Swampfire
Figures: Deluxe
Deluxe Terraspin
Deluxe Ultimate Humungousaur
Deluxe Ultimate Spidermonkey
Figures: Hyperalien Kaijus
Ultimate Swampfire HyperAlien
Vilgax HyperAlien
Vulkanus HyperAlien
Disc Alien Ultimatrix (w Humungousaur Disc Alien)
Legacy Omnitrix
Vuescope Ultimatrix
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Vehicle - Ben (motorcycle)
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Vehicle - Grandpa Max
Ben's Mark 10
Ultimate Alien Vehicle - Ben
Ultimate Alien Vehicle - Gwen
Ultimate Alien Vehicle - Kevin
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