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The Lords of Nature
Assortments (20)
5 Inch Action Figure with Exclusive Mini Figure
Series 1: 2-packs
Series 1: 4-packs
Series 1: Starter Sets
Series 1: Air People
Series 1: Earth People
Series 1: Forest People
Series 1: Lava People
Series 1: Magma People
Series 1: Sea People
Series 2: 2-packs
Series 2: 4-packs
Series 2: Magic Eggs
Series 2: Starter Sets
Series 2: Air People
Series 2: Earth People
Series 2: Forest People
Series 2: Sea People
Series 2: Volcano People

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5 Inch Action Figure with Exclusive Mini Figure
Lavion Lord of Lava + other gormiti
Lord Gheos + other gormiti
Magmion + other gormiti
Noctis Lord of Air + other gormiti
Polypus + other gormiti
Tasarau Lord of Forest + other gormiti
Fire Mountain
Forest Pop-up Playset
Series 1: 2-packs
alos the hypnotiser & delos
ancient jellyfish & blind fury
ancient jellyfish & florus the poisoner
blind fury & the thoughtcatcher
branchtearer the furious & electricon
branctearer the furious & insecticus
delos the count of the seas & insecticus
electricon & mantra the implacable
fiery hammer & earthshaker
fiery hammer & steel beak
goad the elusive & mimic the fast
gravitus & florus
gravitus & magic lookout
gravitus the strong & magic lookout
hammer the predator & goad the elusive
hideoutfinder & alos the hypnotizer
lethal whip & tongs the terrible
mantra & severe guardian
mantra the implacable & the severe guardian
mimic the fast & goad the elusive
mimic the fast & mole the holedigger
mole the holedigger & solitary eagle
screaming guardian & hammer the predator
screaming guardian & thug
severe guardian & the wise destroyer
solitary eagle & crabs the avenger
spider the cruel & crabs the avenger
spider the cruel & thug
steelback & lethal whip
steelback & steel beak
thoughtcatcher & magic lookout
tongs the terrible & earthshaker
wise destroyer & hideoutfinder
Series 1: 4-packs
4-pack with Gheos
4-pack with Gheos & Earthshaker
4-pack with Lethal Whip
4-pack with Magmion
4-pack with Noctis
4-pack with Noctis & Solitary Eagle
4-pack with Polypus
4-pack with Tasarau
Series 1: Starter Sets
Start Pack Lava Figures
Start Pack with Alos the Hypnotiser
Series 1: Air People
Alos the Hypnotiser
Goad the Elusive
Noctis Lord of Air
Solitary Eagle
Steel Beak
The Magic Lookout
The Severe Guardian
Series 1: Earth People
Blind Fury
Gheos Lord of Earth
Gravitus the Strong
Mole the Holedigger
The Earthshaker
The Hideoutfinder
Series 1: Forest People
Branchtearer the Furious
Florus the Poisoner
Lethal Whip
Mimic the Fast
Tasarau Lord of Forest
The Thug
The Wise Destroyer
Series 1: Lava People
Lavion Lord of Lava
Lavor the Powerful
The Fiery Angel
The Mastodontic
The Multiform Anonymous
Wicked the Terrible
Series 1: Magma People
Fiery Hammer
Magmion Lord of Magma
Spider the Cruel
The Screaming Guardian
The Thoughtcatcher
Series 1: Sea People
Ancient Jellyfish
Crabs the Avenger
Delos the Count of the Seas
Hammer the Predator
Mantra the Implacable
Tongs the Terrible
Series 2: 2-packs
ancient sentry & eartheater
ancient sentry & quarry
bullrock & mindswallower the mystic
bullrock & spores the terrible
cannon trunk & hawk silent
darkness the gory & sferst the devourer
dedalus & magic crow
dedalus the undergrounder & cannon trunk
dragon the lethal & diamond the ancient soldier
dragon the lethal & multiplep the surrounder
eartheater & whirlwing the tormentor
hypnofrog the mocker & hawk silent
hypnotiser & delos
hyypnofrog & incandescent phantom
moray the crusher & magic crow
mysterious knight & moray the crusher
patientmotionless & steelblade the cutthroat
sferst & diamond
stonethrower & nightmare
stonethrower & quarry
tormenter & mysterious knight
tormentor the torturer & mysterious knight
turtle the seer & bambos the fire power
whirlwing nightmare
Series 2: 4-packs
barbataus+patient motionless+diamond+eartheater
deepdownfear+hawk silent+i phantom+mindswallower
Series 2: Magic Eggs
Series 2: Starter Sets
Series 2: Air People
Darkness the Gory
Dragon the Lethal
Hawk Silent the Earl of Skies
Helios Lord Of The Skies
Magic Crow
Mindshallower the Mystic
Whirl Wing the Tormentor
Series 2: Earth People
Dedalus the Undergrounder
Diamond the Ancient Soldier
Kolossus Lord of Earth
Stalactite the Unforseeable
Series 2: Forest People
Ancient Sentry
Barbatus Lord of Forest
Cannon Trunk
Sferst the Devourer
Spores the Terrible
The Patient Motionless
Tormentor the Torturer
Series 2: Sea People
Carrapax Lord of Sea
Helico the Wary
Hypnofrog the Mocker
Moray the Crusher
Multiplop the Surrounder
Quarry the Sergeant of the Seas
Turtle the Seer
Series 2: Volcano People
Bombos the Fire Power
Deepdownfear Lord of Lava
Geyser The Angry
Nightmare of Fire
Steelblade The Cutthroat
The Incandescent Phantom
The Mysterios Knight
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