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Mummies Alive!
Assortments (6)
Figures 1997
Figures 1997 Deluxe
Figures 1997 Fright Sight
Figures 1998
Figures 1997
Evil Shabti Trooper
Evil Sorcerer Scarab
Fighting Armon
Hunter Ja-Kal
Wizard Rath
Figures 1997 Deluxe
Nile-Ator Jet Cycle with Battle-Ready Ja-Kal
Figures 1997 Fright Sight
Fright Sight Ja-Kal
Fright Sight Rath
Figures 1998
Cobra Strike Pep
Fright Sight Armon
Fright Sight Scarab (unseen)
Night Hunter Armon
Night Hunter Jakal
Panther Nefertina
Pharoah Armour Presley Carnovan
Pyramid Battle Station
Hot Ra
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Mummies Alive!    
A conflict left unfinished in ancient Egypt has emerged in 20th Century San Francisco.... Slithering demons, diabolical sorcery and valiant mummies battling it out in a fight to the finish! The cast of characters includes: + An evil wizard seeking revenge and immortality; + A reborn child pharaoh unaware of his royal station + Four ancient embalmed warriors risen from the dead to protect their young king.
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