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Assortments (4)
Doll - Deluxe
Doll - Holiday & Special Occasions
Doll - HSN
Doll - Travel
Doll - Deluxe
Commemorative Vanna
Holiday Sparkle Sandi
Vanna Gold
Vanna Limited Edition
Vanna Platinum
Vanna Silver
Doll - Holiday & Special Occasions
Happy Holidays Vanna (green)
Happy Holidays Vanna (pink)
Happy Holidays Vanna (red)
Vanna (pale pink bridesmaid dress)
Vanna (wedding gown)
Vanna and her new Baby Boy
Doll - HSN
Vanna (black dress with black shawl)
Vanna (black dress with gold spots)
Vanna (black dress with jacket - gold trimmed)
Vanna (black dress with shimering design on top)
Vanna (black sparkly dress with spaguetti straps)
Vanna (blue 2-piece)
Vanna (blue dress)
Vanna (gold lame dress lace shoulders)
Vanna (gold lame dress)
Vanna (pink dress with colorful top)
Vanna (white beaded dress)
Vanna (white leggings multicolor top)
Vanna (white tassel-trimmed dress)
Vanna (white top with silver spots)
Vanna (white wrap dress with gold spots)
Doll - Travel
Vanna at Home Shopping Network
Vanna in Aspen
Vanna in DC
Vanna in Hollywood
Vanna in Italy
Vanna in Paris
Vanna in Spain
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