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Figures Deluxe
Figures with Cycle
Armor-Up Steel
Lt Sparks
Power Gauntlet Steel
Shell Shock Burke
Steel (John Henry Irons)
Vapor Trail Steel
Figures Deluxe
Deluxe Electromagnetic Steel
Deluxe Mobile Barrier Steel
Figures with Cycle
Steel Assault Cycle with Blasthammer Steel
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Steel    
On the streets of Los Angeles, a group of street punks are up to their usual rough stuff...except that suddenly they're using weapons that no one has ever seen before: high-tech, super-powerful devices that look like something from the next century. Across town, a government agent gone bad is auctioning these same superweapons to the world's criminal elite. The product has been demonstrated, place your bids! Only one man can stop this madness, a gentle giant who knows enough about the weapon to combat it. But to do so, he must remake himself .... into Steel.
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