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Tim Burton's Tragic Toys
ManufacturerDark Horse
Assortments (5)
Figurines in 3-packs
Note Cards with Figures
Squishy Toy
Vinyl Figures
Figurines in 3-packs
Set with Oyster Boy
Set with Pin Cushion Queen
Set with Stain Boy
Set with Toxic Boy
Tim Burton Playing Cards
Note Cards with Figures
Stick Boy and Match Girl Note Cards and Fig Set
Voodoo Girl Book & Figure Boxed Set
Squishy Toy
Toxic Boy Squishy Toy
Vinyl Figures
Oyster Boy 8 inch
Pin Cushion Queen 9 inch
Robot Boy 7.5 inch
Robot Boy 7.5 inch (big box)
Stain Boy 5.5 inch
Toxic Boy 7 inch
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