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Total Justice
Assortments (3)
Figures 1996
Figures 1997
Figures mail-in
Figures 1996
Aquaman, variant with gold armor
Flash, The
Fractal Armor Batman
Green Lantern
Figures 1997
Black Lightning
Emerald Twilight Parallax
Green Arrow
Huntress, The
Figures mail-in
Cyber-Link Batman
Cyber-Link Superman
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Total Justice    
On a distant planet, an evil being known as Darkseid prepares for his invasion and destruction of Earth. Batman learns of this diabolical plan and recruits the world's mightiest super heroes in an all-out assault on Darkseid's forces. Armed with amazing new Fractal Techgear defenses created from a mix of Martian science and Batman's technology, the heroes are ready to fight back with increased powers and auto-morphing armor tat appears when danger arises.
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