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Metal Gear Solid
Tactical Espionage Action
Assortments (2)
Liquid Snake
Meryl Silverburgh
Ninja - clear variant
Psycho Mantis
Psycho Mantis - clear variant
Revolver Ocelot
Sniper Wolf
Solid Snake
Solid Snake - clear variant
Vulcan Raven
Solid Snake & Meryl Silverburgh
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Metal Gear Solid    
The story surrounds the development of Metal Gears: large weapons platforms akin to the Battlemechs from FASA's famed universe. These robots have long-range nuclear capability in addition to impressive local arsenals, making them a threat to world stability. A a lone operative known only as Solid Snake is sent into an isolated Alaskan military base where he tries to rescue several scientists taken hostage by members of Foxhound, his former unit. He succeeds and teams up with one of the developers to destroy Metal Gear Rex, the latest and most deadly model.
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