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Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest
Assortments (12)
Figures 10 inch glowing
Figures 12 inch
Figures 3.75 inch
Figures 3.75 inch Deluxe
Figures 3.75 inch with boat
Figures 6 inch
Miniature Figures
Pirate Fleet
Figures 10 inch glowing
Light-up Captain Jack Sparrow Skeleton 12 inch
Light-up Davy Jones sea Filled Veins
Figures 12 inch
Captain Jack Sparrow 12 inch
Davy Jones 12 inch
Will Turner 12 inch
Figures 3.75 inch
Bootstrap Bill Turner
Cannibal Chief
Cannibal King Jack Sparrow
Captain Barbossa
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Norrington
Davy Jones
Final Battle Jack Sparrow
Final Battle Will Turner
Pirate Disguised Elisabeth Swan
Prison Escape Jack Sparrow
Will Turner
Figures 3.75 inch Deluxe
Deluxe Figures 4-pack
Deluxe Captain Jack Sparrow w Black Pearl Cannon
Deluxe Davy Jones + Flying Dutchman Barrel Table
Ocean Drenched Jack Sparrow
Will Turner with Cannibal Bone Cage Trap
Figures 3.75 inch with boat
Motorized Prison Escape Jack Sparrow
Motorized Skiff Rowing Pintel and the Prison Dog
Figures 6 inch
Claw Snapping Davy Jones
Hatchet Hurling Will Turner
Pick Axe Maccus
Quick Draw Jack Sparrow
Sword Slashing Jack Sparrow
Sword Thrusting Will Turner
arcade pinball game
Handheld electronic game
Micro Treasure Chest Playset
Miniature Figures
Davy Jones & Will
Jack & Elisabeth
Pirate Fleet
Pirate Fleet - Black Pearl
Pirate Fleet - Edinburgh Trader Ship
Pirate Fleet - Flying Dutchman
Flying Dutchman Pirate Deck Duel Playset
Flying Dutchman Smoke Blast Cannon
Isla Cruces Playset
Ultimate Black Pearl Playset
Ultimate Black Pearl Playset + DJ Treasure Chest
Cotton's Talking Parrot
Davy Jone's Haunted electronic Locker Bank
Jack Sparrow's Electronic Clash & Flash Cutlass
Jack Sparrow's Electronic Pirate Pistol
Jack Sparrow's Pirate Gear
Talking Skull Room Alarm
Will Turner's Battling Cutlass
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