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Pirates of the Caribbean - Secrets of the Deep
Assortments (4)
Figureas 3.75 inch
Figureas 3.75 inch 2-packs
Figureas 3.75 inch Deluxe
Figureas 3.75 inch
Clanker with Ball and Chain Mace
Davy Jones with Sword
Half Skeleton Jack Sparrow w Tricorn Hat & Sword
Heroic Will Turner with Dagger and Hatchet
Figureas 3.75 inch 2-packs
Captain Jack Sparrow & Elizabeth Swann
Pintel & Ragetti in Jack Look Alike Gear
Sea Slimed Will Turner & Davy Jones
Figureas 3.75 inch Deluxe
Deluxe Captain Jack Sparrow in Kraken Slime
Deluxe Koleniko Flying Dutchman Pirate w Blowfish
Deluxe Shark Attack Pintel with Snapping Shark
Jack Sparrow vs Davy Jones Dueling Target Swords
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