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ManufacturerDiamond Select
Assortments (3)
Figures (in clamshell)
Figures (unpainted)
Angel (Pylean Demon) (Time & Space Toys)
Angel (Season 5)
Angel (Season 5) (prototype)
Angel (The Ring) (Actionfigurexpress.com)
Cordelia (Pylean Princess) (Previews)
Cordelia (You're Welcome) (Action Figure Express)
Darla (Reunion)
Darla (Season 2)
Fred (Season 3)
Illyria (Previews)
Illyria (Shells)
Lorne (House Always Wins) (Time & Space)
Lorne (Judgement) (White Jacket)
Lorne (Life of the Party) (Signed) (Blue Suit)
Lorne (Pylea, There's no place like) (Red Suit)
Spike (Jacket) (SDCC Blood Drive)
Spike (Just Rewards) (Actionfigureexpress.com)
Spike (Season 5)
Vampire Angel (Tower Records)
Wesley (Parting Gifts) (Toyfare)
Wesley (Rain of Fire) (Time & Space Toys)
Wesley (Season 4)
Wesley (Waiting in the Wings) (Tower Records)
Figures (in clamshell)
Angel (50s Angel) (Time and Space Toys)
Angel (Destiny)
Angel (Destiny) (Battle Damaged)
Spike (Destiny)
Spike (Destiny) (Battle Damaged)
Figures (unpainted)
Darla (Pre-Production) (Wizard World)
Lorne (Pre-Production) (Wizard)
Wesley (Unpainted) (Wizard World Philly)
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