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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
ManufacturerDiamond Select
Assortments (7)
Accessory Packs
Boxed Sets
Figures (in clamshell)
Figures (Diorama Series) (unproduced?)
Figures (The Judge Series) (unproduced?)
Accessory Packs
Accessory Pack: Magic
Accessory Pack: Weapons
Boxed Sets
Book of Vengeance
Family Album (Time and Space)
Watcher's Guide Set (Time & Space)
Willow's Spellbook (Time and Space)
Angel (Graduation Day) (Suncoast)
Anya (Fear Itself)
Anya (Hells Bells) (Cinequest)
Anya (Once More with Feeling) (Tower Records)
Anyanka (Action Figure Express)
Buffy (Cheerleader) (AFX)
Buffy (Cheerleader) (Toy Fair)
Buffy (Chosen)
Buffy (Primeval) (Diamond)
Buffy (Vampire) (Previews)
Buffybot (Time & Space Toys)
Cordelia (The Wish)
Darla (Welcome to Hellmouth) (Diamond)
Darla Vampire (Welcome to Hellmouth) (SDCC)
Dawn & Glory (The Gift)
Dawn (Lessons)
Dawn (Once More With Feeling)
Faith (Chosen)
Faith (Faith, Hope & Trick)
Giles (Chosen)
Giles (Demon) (Previews)
Glory (signed)
Prom Buffy & Angel (Previews)
Spike (Beneath You) (Time and Space Toys)
Spike (Chosen) (New York Toy Fair) (Burning)
Spike (Fool for Love) (Toyfare)
Spike (Fool for Love) (Toyfare) (boxed)
Spike (Grave) (Cinequest)
Tara (Hush)
Tara (Hush) (Inkworks)
Tara (New Moon Rising)
Tara (Triangle) (Benson Ent.)
Wesley (Bad Girls) (Diamond)
Willow & Tara (Together Forever) (Cinequest)
Willow (Dark Witch) (Cinequest.com)
Willow (Dark Witch) (Comic Con)
Willow (Dopplegangland) (Previews)
Willow (Holiday) (Diamond)
Willow (Season 5 - Short Hair)
Willow (Transformation)
Willow (White Witch) (MAC)
Willow (World Tour) (2004 Toy Fair)
Willow Vampire (Toyfare)
Willow Vampire (Wizard) (boxed)
Xander (Chosen)
Xander (Ice Cream Man) (Bills Bricks)
Xander (Initiative) (Comicon)
Xander (Initiative) (signed - Diamond Excl)
Xander (Season 7)
Xander (Vampire) (Time & Space)
Figures (in clamshell)
Angel & Spike (Hawaiian)(Previews)
Buffy (End of Days)
Buffy (Graduation Day)
Buffy (Once More with Feeling)
Faith (Bad Girls)
Faith (End of Days)
Faith (Graduation Day)
Kendra (Becoming)
Kennedy (Chosen)
Spike (Hard School)
Willow (Chosen)
Willow (Chosen) (White Witch)
Figures (Diorama Series) (unproduced?)
Figures (The Judge Series) (unproduced?)
Drusilla (School Hard)
Drusilla (Surprise)
Giles (Band Candy)
Oz (Doppelgangland)
Oz (Fear Itself)
Principal Wood
Sunnydale High Library
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