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Assortments (5)
Figures Series 1
Figures Series 2
Figures Series 2 Creatures
Figures Series 1
Abby Maitland with Rex & Dodos
Connor Temple and Future Predator
Helen Cutter & Claudia Brown
James Lester and Future Predator
Professor Nick Cutter & 2 Hesperonis
Professor Nick Cutter & Time Anomaly
Stephen Hart and 3 Giant Arachnids
Figures Series 2
Abby Maitland & Sabre Tooth
Connor Temple & Anomaly Detector Part 3
Connor Temple & Professor Nick Cutter
Helen Cutter & Professor Nick Cutter
Helen Cutter and Future Predator
James Lester & Raptor
Jenny & Anomaly Detector Part 2
Jenny Lewis & James Lester
Nick Cutter & Anomaly Detector Part 1
Steve Hart and Giant Scorpion
Figures Series 2 Creatures
Giant Scorpion
Anomaly Incursion Playset
Creature Incursion Playset
Electronic Handheld Anomaly Detector
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