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Johnny West (and generic)
 1965 - 1975 
ManufacturerMarx Toy Corporation.Western
Assortments (8)
Dogs and other animals
Figures 12 inch (9 inch kids)
Figures 7.5 inch (not seen)
Horses w Figure
Johnny West Ranch
Dogs and other animals
Flack English Setter Dog
Flick German Shepherd Dog
Figures 12 inch (9 inch kids)
Chief Cherokee
Chief Cherokee 2063
Chief Cherokee withTepee
Cowboy Kid (UK)
Dangerous Dan (Canada)
Daniel Boone
Indian Cherokee
Jamie West 1062-A
Jane West
Jane West (white box w cactus)
Jane West (white box) 2067
Janice West
Jay West
Jimmy West (Canada)
Johnny West
Johnny West (Green)
Johnny West 2062 (cactus box updated)
Johnny West 2062 (cactus box vintage)
Johnny West 2062 (campfire box)
Josie West 1067-A
Sam Cobra Quick Draw Action
Sam Cobra, Renegade Bad Man 2072
Sheriff Garrett
Sheriff Thomas Goode
Figures 7.5 inch (not seen)
Chief Red Cloud Indian
Dusty Slade
Johnny Kolt
Buckskin Nodding Head Horse (blue box)
Flame (brown)
Flame (tan)
Flame and Corral Fence
Pancho Horse (brown) 1061A
Pancho Horse (tan)1061B
Pinto and Corral Fence
Storm Cloud Pinto Horse
Thunderbolt (black)
Thunderbolt (brown) 2061C
Thunderbolt (white)
Thunderbolt Horse
Thundercolt (brown) 2031B
Thundercolt (tan)
Horses w Figure
Fighting Eagle & Comanche 1885
Geronimo & Pinto 2087
Jane West & Flame
Jane West Thunderbolt Thundercolt & Corral Fence
Johnny West & Geronimo with Buckskin
Johnny West & Mustang
Johnny West & Thunderbolt
Johnny West & Thunderbolt
Johnny West & Thunderbolt JWA
Sam Cobra & Thunderbolt
Sheriff Garrett & Thunderbolt
Corral Fence
Fort Apache
Indian Tepee
Wigwam (tepee)
Buckboard with Thunderbolt
Camping Set (with jeep tent etc...)
Covered Wagon with Horse
Indian Canoe
Jeep 4541
Jeep and Horse Trailer
Johny West Ranch Set (jeep+trailer+horse+fig)
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