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Thor The Mighty Avenger
Assortments (6)
Figures 4 inch
Figures 4 inch Deluxe
Figures 6 inch Walmart
Figures 8 inch
Figures 10 inch
Figures 4 inch
Destroyer (Light-Up)
Fandral (Harpoon Blade)
Frost Giant (Invasion)
Hogun (Blade Battle)
King Laufey (Ice Axe)
Loki (King)
Loki (Secret Strike)
Loki (Sorcerer Fury)
Marvel's Destroyer (Fire Blast)
Odin (Asgardian Glow)
Odin (Shield Bash)
Sif (Staff Strike)
Thor (Axe Attack)
Thor (Battle Hammer)
Thor (Cosmic Armor)
Thor (Hammer Smash)
Thor (Lightning Clash)
Thor (Lord of Asgard)
Thor (Sword Spike)
Thor (Thunder Crusader)
Volstagg (Ram Smash)
Figures 4 inch Deluxe
Frost Giant (Ice Attack)
Thor (Blaster Armor)
Thor (Lightning Fury)
Figures 6 inch Walmart
Thor (Lord of Asgard)
Thor (Movie Series)
Figures 8 inch
Marvel's Destroyer
Figures 10 inch
Lightning Power Thor
Thor (blue Hammer)
Armor of Asgard Foam Sword
Basic Helmet
Lightning Hammer
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