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Batman (Dark Knight logo)
Assortments (5)
Figures 5 inch
Figures 5 inch multipack
Figures 5 inch Ultra Armor
Figures 10 inch
Figures 5 inch
Batman (Battle Case)
Batman (Body Cannon)
Batman (Grapnel Gear)
Batman (Mobile Attack)
Batman (Saw-Shot)
Batman (Shoulder Cannon)
Batman (Sonic Spy)
Batman (Spin Blade)
Batman (Staff Strike)
Batman Dark Knight Movie Action Bruce to Ninja Bat
Joker (Destructo-Case)
Joker (Punch Packing)
Two-Face (Coin Blast)
Figures 5 inch multipack
Gotham City Rumble
Figures 5 inch Ultra Armor
Batman (Aero Blast)
Batman (Drill Strike)
Batman (Electro Crush)
Batman (Swing Shot)
Batman (Triple Shot)
Figures 10 inch
The Joker
Transblast Batmobile
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