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Captain Power
And the Soldiers of the Future
Assortments (4)
Blastarr Ground Guardian
Blastarr Ground Guardian (Japanese Release)
Captain Power - Leader
Captain Power (Japanese Release)
Col. Stingray Johnson
Corporal Pilot Chase
Dread Commander (not produced?)
Dread Trooper (not produced?)
Lord Dread - Evil Mastermind
Lord Dread (Japanese Release)
Lt. Tank Elis
Lt. Tank Elis (Japanese Release)
Major Hawk Masterson
Major Hawk Masterson (Japanese Release)
Sergeant Scout Baker
Soaron Sky Sentry
Soaron Sky Sentry (Japanese Release)
Power Laser 3-in-1 Target Game
Power Base
Power On Energizer (Japanese Release)
Power On Energizer w/ Captain Power Fig
Trans-Field Base Station
Trans-Field Communication Station
Wind-Up Sauron Beam Deflector
Wind-Up Sauron Beam Deflector
Anti-Personnel Patroller
Anti-Personnel Patroller
ATR Mobile Proton Cannon
Blastpak 1200
Dread Stalker
Friction Motorized A.T.R. Mobile Proton Cannon
Mobile Sky Bike Launcher
Phantom Striker
Phantom Striker (Japanese Release)
Phantom Striker Gift Set
Powerjet XT-7
Powerjet XT-7 (Japanese Release)
Powerjet XT-7 Deluxe Set
Powerjet XT-7 Gift Set
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Captain Power    
The late 22nd century: Bio Dreads, monstrous computer creatures, now rule the Earth. The sinister cyborg Lord Dread wants to eliminate all biological forms. Humanity's only hope lies with Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future! The neat gimmick for this series was that the toys interacted with the cartoon series! The ships fired a ray of light at the TV, trying to hit the enemy, while the enemy was firing back at you from the TV! When hit, the ship would eject its pilot!
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