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Action Man A.T.O.M.
Assortments (6)
Figures 11 inch
Figures 2-pack
Figures Night Ops
Axel - Surf Patrol (with Dolphin)
Axel - Jet-Mech
Axel - Rocketboard
Axel - Turbo Board
Dragon - Jo-Lan Attack
Dragon - Kicking
Dragon - Quick Kick
Firekat - Claw-Climber
Flesh - Bumb-Bell
Hawk - Air Wing
Hawk - Jetwing
Hawk - Strato-Mech
King - Destructo Mech
King - Power-Ram
Lioness - Strike T.A.G
Mass - Molten Lava
Mass - Toxic Sludge
Paine - Crime Boss
Paine - Jet Burner
Rager - Bike D-Zel
Rayza - Vipah Fish
Shark - Aquablast
Shark - Aqua-Mech
Shark - Scubashark
Stingfly - Jet-Sting
Tilian - Fang Pack
Tilian - Venom Attack
Wrecka - Street Bow
Figures 11 inch
Armour Tech Axel
Bow Wing Axel
Eagle 3000 Axel
Hydro T.A.G. Axel
Jo-Lan Axel
Mega Paine
Muscle Flex Flesh
Ocean Diver Axel
Power Surfer
Speedboarder Axel
Staff Fighter Dragon
Figures 2-pack
Hybridon Attack vs Axel
Figures Night Ops
Night Ops Axel
Night-Ops Hawk
Night-Ops King
Night-Ops Shark
T.A.G. Beam Battlers
Air Jet A115
Dragbike 5000
Hydraulix Jamma
Nitrobike XT7 with Axel
Proto-Jet 5000
Rotorbike 3000
Street Shredder
Sub Jet A115
Thunderquad 3000
Tilian Fang-Pack and Snakebike 3001
Tracker Jet A115
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