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Men in Black
Protecting the Earth from the Scum of the Universe
Assortments (5)
Figures, Aliens
Figures, Boxed
Micro Machines
Alien-Ambush Jay vs Tree Trunk Akien
Alien-Attack Edgar
Flame-Bustin' Jay vs Scorched alien
Slime-Fightin' Kay vs Edgar the Alien
Street-Striker Kay vs Manhole Alien
Figures, Aliens
Bobo the Squat
Mavis 12
Neeble and Gleeble
Redgick Jr.
Sleeble and Mavis 13
Figures, Boxed
Alien Terrorrist Edgar
Body Slam Jay vs Alien Perp
Jeebs with Regenerating Heads
Mikey with Exploding Body
Micro Machines
Zap-Em Van
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Men in Black    
Several thousand aliens are living in disguise on earth right now. The enigmatic 'Men In Black' are charged with making sure these aliens behave themselves, and with protecting the secret of their existence. Now a new alien has landed, a Cockroach ten feet tall, and is running around causing mayhem. Agent K and his newly recruited partner J need to catch it soon, because if they don't the Earth will be destroyed.
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