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Breaking Bad
ManufacturerMezco Toyz
Assortments (4)
Bobble Heads 6 inch
Figures 6 inch (boxed)
Figures 6 inch (carded)
Figures 12 inch
Bobble Heads 6 inch
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman Hazmat (green glow in the dark)
Jesse Pinkman Vamanos Pest SDCC4 Exclusive
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Red Tie Edition
Walter Hazmat
Walter White Glow in Dark
Walter White Vamonos Pest
Figures 6 inch (boxed)
Gus Fring Burned Face EE Exclusive
Gustavo Fring
Jesse Pinkman Vamonos Pest Nycc Exclusive
Jesse Pinkman Hazmat (orange) EE Exclusive.
Saul Goodman Sdcc 2015 Exclusive Comic Con Mezco i
Figures 6 inch (carded)
Gus Fring
Heisenberg (gray Jacket)
Jesse Pinkman Hazmat (green)
Jesse Pinkman White Hazmat
Jesse Pinkman Yellow Hazmat Suit
Saul Goodman
Walter White Hazmat (green)
Walter White Hazmat (white)
Walter White Hazmat (yellow )
Walter White NY 2014
Walter White PX Excl
Walter White Summer Sdcc 2014
Figures 12 inch
Heisenberg (khaki pants) Previews Excl
Heisenberg SDCC 2015 (blue shirt)
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