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Cops 'n Crooks
Fighting Crime in a Future Time
 1988 - 1989 
Assortments (4)
COPS Figures
CROOKS Figures
Vehicles w/ Figure
COPS Figures
A.P.E.S. (Automated Police Enforcement Systems)
Airwave - Communications Officer
Bullet-Proof - Federal Agent
Checkpoint - Military Police Officer
Inferno - Firefighter
Longarm - Patrol Officer
Nightstick - Martial Arts Expert
Officer Bowzer and Blitz - K9 Officer & Robot Dog
Powder Keg - Bomb Squad Specialist
Sgt Mace - SWAT Leader
Sundown - Texas Sheriff
CROOKS Figures
Beserko - Punk
Big Boss - Crime King
Bullit - Munitions Fanatic
Buttons McBoomboom - Machine Gunner
Dr Badvibes - Mad Scientist
Koo Koo - Time Bomb Expert
Louie the Plumber - Crooks Handyman
Nightmare - Attack Animal
Rock Krusher - Escaped Convict
Air Speeder
Pursuit Jet
Vehicles w/ Figure
Assault Vehicle with Hard Top figure
ATAC (Armored Tactical Assault Car) w/ Heavyweight
Cops Helicopter with Bullseye Pilot figure
Highway Interceptor Squad Car w/ Road Block figure
Roadster with Turbo Tutone figure
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Cops 'n Crooks    
Enter a future time where crime is rampant. A national cartel headed by the ever elusive Big Boss is responsible for much of the activity. He has enlisted some of the nations most notorious criminals to do his bidding. The Police is unable to stop the ever increasing crime wave. Thus, the Central Organization of Police Specialists (C.O.P.S. for short) was formed. They work to put the Big Boss and his minions behind bars for good.
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