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WWE Rings
ManufacturerJAKKS Pacific.Wrestling
Assortments (10)
Official Scale
Rings with Exclusive Figure
Rings with Figure
Rings with Figure 2
Rings with Figure 3
Stunt Action Rings
Value Packs
Elimination Chamber
Elimination Chamber
Elimination Chamber w Bonus Figures
Jakks Wwe Wwf Classic Cage Match with Spring Ring
Punjab Prison Match
Steel Cage Ring
The Cell
The Cell with Bonus Figures
The Cell Cage Match Ring
The Cell Cage Match Ring with Bonus Figures
Official Scale
Official Scale Cage Match Wrestlemania II
Official Scale Elimination Chamber
Official Scale Money in the Bank
Official Scale Ring Wrestlemania I Edition
Official Scale Ring Wrestlemania Main Event
Official Scale The Cell
Backstage Brawl
Big Badd Collection Monster Ring
Havoc Unleasher Wrestling Ring
Metal Vengeance Arena
Money in the Bank Ladder Match Ring
Money in the Bank Playset
Real Sounds Arena
Real Sounds Arena with Randy Orton & Undertaker
Ring of Turmoil
Rings with Exclusive Figure
Carlito's Cabana Ring
Eric Bischoff's Ceremonial Action Ring
Highlight Reel Wrestling Ring w Chris Jericho
John Cena's Hip Hop Ring
Mick Foley Hardcore Barbed Wire Ring
Piper's Pit Ring
The Boogeyman Im Comin to Getcha
The Snake Pit
The Undertaker Coffin Match Ring
Rings with Figure
Booyaka 619 Entrance Rey Mysterio
Carlito's Cabana
CM Punk Extreme Rules Ring
I Quit Ring Match Rey Mysterio
Jeff Hardy Ladder Match
Matt Striker Extreme Educator Classroom
Stunt Action Ring Super Value Pack
Stunt Action Spring Ring w HHH
Stunt Action Spring Ring w John Cena & Rey M
The Cutting Edge
The Miz Extreme Expose
The MVP Lounge
Rings with Figure 2
Big Show ECW Entrance Stage
Jeff Hardy Artist Alley
Shawn Michaels DX Ring
Rings with Figure 3
Batista The Animal Unleashed
Enter the Monster Kane
Stunt Action Ring w 2 figures
Stunt Action Ring w Randy Orton & Shawn M
Stunt Action Ring w Undertaker & Kurt Angle
Stunt Action Spring Ring w Edge & John Cena
Undertaker Casket Match
Stunt Action Rings
Smackdown Stunt Action Ring
Stunt Action Ring
Stunt Action Ring
Stunt Action Ring
Stunt Action Spring Ring
Stunt Action Spring Ring w Rey Mysterio
Value Packs
Wrestlemania 22 Entrance Stage +Stunt Action Ring
Wrestlemania 23 Entrance Stage +Stunt Action Ring
Wrestlemania XXIV Entrance Stage +Stunt Ring
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