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Bruce Lee
ManufacturerRound 5
Assortments (5)
Figures Fan-Atiks
Figures Temple of Kung-Fu
Figures Titans
Figures Fan-Atiks
Enter the Dragon (Flex)
Enter the Dragon LE750 gold
Game of Death
Game of Death LE500 black
Kung Fu Pose
Kung Fu Pose LE500 (white)
Wifebeater LE750
Figures Temple of Kung-Fu
Bolo Yeung 1/30
Bruce Lee Wifebeater 1/40
Bruce Lee Wifebeater Battle Damage 1/15
Bruce Messenger 1/80
Bruce MMA (copper)
Bruce MMA 1/80
Bruce No Shirt 1/25
Bruce No Shirt Battle Damage 1/200
Bruce Uniform Black 1/25
Bruce Uniform Blue 1/35
Bruce Uniform White 1/35
Bruce Yellow Jump Suit 1/15
Bruce Yellow Jump Suit Battle damage 1/80
Fighter 1/30
Jim Kelly 1/30
Kato 1/35
Monk 1/30
Monkey King (grey)
Monkey King 1/40
Mr Han 1/25
Mr Han Gold Claw Hand 1/80
Mr Han Gold Claw Hand claws retracted 1/150
Ninja Black 1/20
Ninja Red 1/40
Ninja White 1/150
Old Master Red 1/40
Old Master White 1/20
Samurai Armored (black)
Samurai Armored 1/100
Figures Titans
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee (scratches)
Bruce Lee (black box) (kung fu pose) LE500
Bruce Lee (black box) (scratches)
Bruce Lee (black box) (yellow suit)
Dragon Fists
Fury 9 inch (bronze resin)
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