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Assortments (2)
Anubis - Chief Guard
Col. O'Neil - Team Leader
Daniel - Archaeologist
Horus - Attack Pilot
Horus - Palace Guard
Lt. Kowalsky - Weapons Expert
Ra - Ruler of Abydos
Skaara - Rebel Leader
All-Terrain Cruiser
Mastadge - Beast of Burden
Winged Glider - Alien Attack Craft
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Stargate    
Several decades ago, an American archaeologist found something unexplainable in the Egyptian deserts. His daughter, Catherine, later discovers its true nature: Its a portal to another planet. Professor Daniel Jackson and Colonel Jack O'Neil lead a team through the Stargate and find a world identical to Ancient Egypt, a planet called Abydos, ruled by the Egyptian sun god Ra - who is actually an alien parasite in a human body.
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