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Godzilla [1998] (US Movie)
"Size does Matter"
Assortments (9)
Godzilla Babies
Godzilla Hatchlings
Godzillas vs .... Packs
Heroic Action Figures
Micro-Battle Worlds
Vehicles w/ figure
Godzilla Babies
Baby X
Claw Slasher
Hammer Foot
Razor Fang
Tail Thrasher
Godzilla Hatchlings
Hammer Tail Hatchling
Monster Claw Hatchling
Spike Jaw Hatchling
Combat Claw Godzilla 8 inch
Fang Bite Godzilla 8 inch
Living Godzilla 11 inch
Razor Bite Godzilla 12 inch
Shatter Tail Godzilla 8 inch
Supreme Godzilla 12" - with 2 human prey soldiers
Thunder Tail Godzilla 12 inch
Ultimate Godzilla 18" - LE 5000
Godzillas vs .... Packs
Nuclear-Strike Godzilla vs/hornet jet
Shatter-Blast Godzilla vs/rocket launcher
Tornado Blast Godzilla vs/apache copter
Heroic Action Figures
Capture Net Philippe
Double Blast O'Neil
Grapple Gear Nick
Power Shield Jean-Luc
Ultra-Attack Animal
Micro-Battle Worlds
Battle at Brooklyn Bridge
Terror at Times Square
Godzilla Bank w/sound
All-Terrain Vehicle
Apache Attack Copter
F/A-18 Hornet Strike Jet
Thunderblast Tank
Vehicles w/ figure
All-Terrain Attack Vehicle - with Nick
Rapid-Attack Battle Bike - with Animal
Twin-Firing Battle Blaster - with O'Neil
Twin-Firing Combat Cannon - with Philippe
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