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Mars Attacks!
Assortments (6)
Comic Figures
Large Plastic Figures
Movie Figures
Superflex Figures
Comic Figures
Martian Trooper - with sound
Paeec Overlord - with sound
Supreme Commander - with sound
Martian Disintegrator (comic)
Martian Disintegrator (movie)
Large Plastic Figures
Martian Supreme Commander
Supreme Martian Ambassador
Movie Figures
Martian Ambassador
Martian Ambassador - no sound
Martian Leader
Martian Leader - no sound
Martian Spy Girl
Martian Spy Girl - no sound
Martian Trooper
Martian Trooper - no sound
Superflex Figures
Doom Robot
Doom Spider BADAAMA
Martian Trooper
Doom Saucer
Martian Flying Saucer
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Mars Attacks!    
Citizens of Earth face their doom with gung-ho valor and brainless abandon as little green men from outer space gleefully terrorize the planet in an all-star, cross-country sci-fi comedy from director TIM BURTON
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