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Battlestar Galactica
Assortments (3)
Figures (boxed)
Figures (carded)
Figures (boxed)
Cyclon Centurion, boxed
Cyclon Commander (gold) - boxed
Imperious Leader, boxed
Starbuck, boxed
Figures (carded)
Cyclon Centurion
Cyclon Centurion (Grey Variant) - Android Warrior
Cyclon Commander [gold]
Imperious Leader
Starbuck - Blue Viper Squadron Pilot
Colonial Viper
Cyclon Raider
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Battlestar Galactica    
In the farthest corners of the galaxy, the thousand-year war rages on. In a battle of right against might, the elite Blue Squadron takes on the treacherous Cyclon attackers in a clash of cosmic proportions. Join the heroic Colonial Warriors as they blast through the dreaded Cyclon Starfleet. It's the ultimate galactic adventure!
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