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ManufacturerImaginary Limitz
Assortments (1)
Air Boar - Robo Rocketeer
Bush Hog - Motor Bikin' Boar
Chop Suey - Cyber Sword Hog
Hog Kong - Stygate Stomper
Rabid Fire - Blow Torchin' Boar
Stampede - Robo Runner
Story synopsis
About "Cyboars"    
"Cyboars" is the CGI-animated story of six pig-like humanoids and rebel fighters, the Wild Pack, who came to Earth from another galaxy. After crash-landing on our planet, the Cyboars are "rebuilt" with super-powered bionic parts using a mix of science from Earth and their home planet, Stygor. However, before they have a chance to return home, the Cyboars are tracked down by their arch enemies, the Renegades, who want to steal the bionic technology and use it to rule Stygor and the Earth. Now the Cyboars must protect their new planet from the Renegades and find a way home before their enemies do, as the new technology will either
liberate Stygor, or permanently enslave it.

The series is produced by Cyboars International, LLC, which was formed in 2009 to produce, distribute and license the new action comedy animation brand. Based in Olive Branch, Mississippi, Cyboars International is managed by the series creator, Ken Smith. The show is distributed worldwide by Evergreen Entertainment, Ltd
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