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Lord of the Rings
Assortments (4)
Figures wave 1
Figures wave 2
Elrond (AFX excl)
Prologue Elven Warriors
Figures wave 1
Aragorn + Urak Hai Berserker (1st Helmet)
Frodo + Urak Hai (2nd Helmet)
Gandalf the White + King Theoden
Legolas + Gimli
Sauruman + Wormtounge
Figures wave 2
Boromir + Merry
Gollum + Samwise
Grishnakh + Orc Scout
Pippin + Urak Hai (3rd Helmet)
Twilight Frodo + Aragorn Rivendale
Aragorn & Saruman & Legolas & Twilight Frodo (blue
Aragorn & Saruman & Legolas & Twilight Frodo (clea
Gollum & Gandalf the White & Frodo & Uruk-H
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