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American Gladiators
As seen on TV!
 1991 - 1992 
Assortments (3)
Event Sets
Kid-sized equipment
Event Sets
Gladiator Assault
Gladiator Atlasphere
Gladiator Eliminator
Gladiator Joust
Gladiator Wall - A Towering Race of Power!
Blue Challenger + Gladiator Laser
Gladiator Gemini
Gladiator Laser
Gladiator Nitro
Gladiator Turbo
Gladiator Zap
Red Challenger
Kid-sized equipment
Official Assault Cannon
Official Jousting Stick
Story synopsis
Synopsis for American Gladiators    
This hour-long TV spectacle pitted four contestants (two he-men, two she-women) against a lineup of menacing Gladiators with names like Nitro, Zap, Gemini, Ice, Lace and Laser. The contestants were actually competing against each other (man vs. man, woman vs. woman), trying to outscore each other in a variety of events. The Gladiators were just there to make sure everybody scored as few points as possible.
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