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Universal Monsters
Assortments (5)
Series 1 TRU
Series 2 TRU
Series 3 TRU
Sets 1
Sets 2
Series 1 TRU
Black and White the Creature from the Black Lagoon
Glow in the Dark the Creature from the Black Lagoo
The Creature from the Black Lagoon & Dr. Reed
The Wolf Man & Larry Talbot
Series 2 TRU
Dracula & Dr. Van Helsing
Frankenstein's Monster & Dr. Henry Frankenstein
Frankenstein's Monster (black & White) & Dracula (
The Bride of Frankenstein & Villager
Series 3 TRU
Imhotep & Sarcophagus
Imhotep (black & White) & Quasimodo (black & White
Princess Anck-Es-En-Amon & Frank Whemple
Quasimodo & Phoebus
Sets 1
Creature from the Black Lagoon Box Set
The Wolf Man Box Set
Sets 2
Dracula Box Set
Frankenstein Box Set
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Box Set
The Mummy Box Set
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