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Elite Command
Assortments (3)
Die-cast Figurines
Die-cast Figurines 8-packs
Die-cast Figurines 16-packs
Die-cast Figurines
Army of the Confederacy - General Robert E Lee
Army of the French Empire - Napoleon
British Army (Circa 1815) The Duke of Wellington
British Soldiers - Lt General Bernard Montgomery
German Soldiers - Field Marshal E Rommel
Roman Legion - Julius Cesar
Roman Soldiers
Supreme Allied Commander WWII - Gen Eisenhower
United States Army - General Ulysses S Grant
US Third Army - General George S Patton
Die-cast Figurines 8-packs
Civil War
The Battle of Waterloo
World War II
Die-cast Figurines 16-packs
Classic Collectibles Roman Legion
Classic Collectibles The Battle of Waterloo
Classic Collectibles World War II
World War II Commanders of Fame
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