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The Atomic DNA-enhanced Actualized Man
ManufacturerToy Man, The
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carded figure
carded figure
A.D.A.M. "The Atomic DNA-Actualized Man"
Story synopsis
Synopsis for A.D.A.M.    
Growing up in a world full of superheroes, young Jimmy Hawkins dreamt of becoming one. Educated as a master scientist, he developed a way to combine the DNA from two of his favorite heroes along with DNA from the first man ever created - ADAM - and incorporated them into himself. Now when Jim Hawkins gets emotionally stirred, his eyes glow red and his powers kick in making him capable of scaling walls like an insect and feats of superb strength, speed, and flight. Jim dons his costume and fights crime as the hero ADAM. But... there is one problem; Jim has no control over any of it!
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