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Armored Trooper Votoms
Assortments (7)
Figures 2005-7
Figures 2007
Figures 2008 Scopedogs
Figures 2009 Scopedogs
Figures 2009-11
Figures Calamity Dog pairs
Figures Warrior Sets
Figures 2005-7
Blue Knight Berserga BTS
Blue Knight Berserga BTS 500 Limited Edition
Blue Knight Berserga Super Execusion
Blue Knight Berserga Super Execusion (Metallic)
Shadow Flare
Shadow Flare Limited Edition
Zerberus VR-Maxima
Zerberus VR-Maxima DX
Zerberus VR-Maxima Limited Edition (Metallic)
Figures 2007
Death Messenger
Death Messenger Limited Edition
Funny Devil
Funny Devil Limited Edition (Metallic)
Scopedog (Limited Edition)
Testa-Rossa Limited Edition (Metallic)
Testa-Rossa Limited Weathering Ver
Figures 2008 Scopedogs
Scopedog Assault Rane Custom
Scopedog Bokkumessa Custom
Scopedog Bolc Custom
Scopedog Norden Custom
Scopedog Rane Custom
Scopedog Vorct Custom
Scopedog Zetra Custom
Figures 2009 Scopedogs
ATM-09-RCS Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom
ATM-09-SD Scopedog
ATM-09-SD Scopedog Melquiya Color
ATM-09-SD Scopedog Space Warfare Custom
Figures 2009-11
Berserga DT
Berserga WP
X.ATH-02-DT Rabidly Dog
X.ATH-02-DT Rabidly Dog Limited Edition Metallic
X.ATH-02-DT Rabidly Dog Production Prototype
Figures Calamity Dog pairs
Calamity Dog - Red and Green
Calamity Dog - Red and Green Limited Edition
Figures Warrior Sets
ATL-KH1-FX Warrior 1 A-Set
ATL-KH1-FX Warrior 1 B-Set
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