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Elite Series
Modern Military
Assortments (3)
Figures 1/12 Pocket Elite
Figures 1/6
Figures 1/6 Firearms

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Figures 1/12 Pocket Elite
PES001 SAS CRW Assaulter
PES002 SAS CRW Breacher
PES003 WWII SS-Panzer-Division W
PES004 ARMY 25th Infantry Division Private
PES005 Army 25th Infantry Div Private Sergeant
PES006 Army 25th Infantry Div Private Staff Sgrt
PES007 Hongkong SDU (Fai Sir)
PES008 Hongkong SDU (Sami Sir)
PES009 Marine Force Recon Vietnam WF2019
PES010 Army 25th Infantry Div M60 Gunner
PES011 Army 25th Infantry Division Private w M79
Figures 1/6
78001 US Navy Seals Team 3 MK46 Mod 1 Gunner
78002 US Army Ranger Gunner in Afghanistan
78003 US Navy Seal Team 8 Gunner w MK48 Mod 1
78004 US Army Saw Gunner in Afghanistan
78005 US Army ISAF Soldier in Afghanistan
78006 MARSOC Special Ops Team Leader
78007 MARSOC Special Ops Team Operator
78008 Navy Seals SDV Team 1 Operation Red Wing
78009 CAG Combat Applications Group
78010 Ranger Lead the Way
78011 DEVGRU Operation Neptune Spear GERONIMO
78012 DEVGRU Operation Neptune Spear 05-01-2011
78013 DEVGRU Red Team
78014 USMC Reconnaissance Battalion M27 Rifleman
78015 Spetsnaz FSB Alpha
78016 Semper Paratus Always Ready
78017 Chinese APF Snow Leopard Commando Unit
78018 Spetsnaz FSB Vympel
78019 Russina Airborne Troops VDV in Crimea
78020 Spetsnaz Dagestan
78021 Spetsnaz in Beslan
78022 PLA Special Force
78023 Royal Marines Commando
78024 OSN Saturn Jail Spetsnaz
78025 Russian Airborne Troops PKP Machine Gunner
78026 SDU Assault Team Member
78027 26th Marine Exped. Unit MIO Assault Force
78028 Spetsnaz MVD Vityaz Chechnya
78029A Chinese PLA Honor Guard Std Bearer Army
78029B Chinese PLA Honor Guard Escort Navy
78029C Chinese PLA Honor Guard Escort Air Force
78030 U-2 Dragon Lady Pilot
78031 SR-71 Blackbird Flight Test Engineer
78032 SR-71 Blackbird Flight Test Pilot
78033 British Army In Afghanistan
78034 SDU Assault Team Leader
78035 Russian Airborne Troops Natalia
78036 British Army Minimi Gunner in Afghanistan
78037 KSK ( Kommando Spezialkräfte) Assaulter
78038 Tet Offensive 1968 Vietnam War
78039 KSK (Kommando Spezialkräfte) LRRP
78040 DEVGRU K9-handler in Afghanistan
78041 PMSCs In Syria (Contractor)
78042 Hostage Rescue Team
78043 Combat Intell Collection Corps Nachshol
78044A FBI Swat Agent San Diego
78044B FBI Swat Agent San Diego Midnight Ops
78045 Seal Team 5 VBSS Team Leader
78046 Seal Team 5 VBSS Team Commander
78047A Russian Spetsnaz FSB Alpha Group Lux
78047B Russian Spetsnaz FSB Alpha Group
78048 Chinese PLA Special Forces Xiangjian
78049 NSWDG in Afghanistan SHCC2017 Exclusive
78050 US Navy Commanding Officer
78051 Naval Mountain Warfare Special Forces
78052 Chinese PAP Snow Leopard Commando Member
78053 Chinese PAP Snow Leopard Commando Leader
78054 KSK (Kommando Spezialkräfte) Leader
78055 Force Recon Combat Diver (Woodland Ver)
78056 Force Recon Combat Diver (Desert Marpat)
78057 Green Berets Army Spl Forces in Afghanistan
78058 Spetsnaz MVD SOBR Lynx Operator
78059 Spetsnaz MVD SOBR Lynx 8th Ani
78060 Decade Navy Seal 2003-2013
78061 French Police Unit Raid in Paris
78062 Chinese Peacekeeper PLA UN Peacekeeping
78063 DEA Special Response Team Agent El Paso
78064 Russian Spetsnaz FSB Alpha Group
78065 NSWDG AOR 1 Ver
78066 Russian Spetsnaz BULAT MVD SOBR Moscow
78067 Chinese Peacekeeper PLA UN Female
78068 Chinese PLA Navy Marine Corps
78069 SDV TEAM 1 Operation Red Wings Team Leader
78070 Russian Naval Infantry
78070S Russian Naval Infantry Special Ed
78071 Russian Spetsnaz FSB Alpha Group BBICN
78071 Russian Spetsnaz FSB Alpha Group Classic
78072 NSWDG AOR2 Ver
78073 not seen?
78074 1st SFOD-D Combat Applications Group GUNNER
78075 SSO Special Operations Forces Of Russia
78076 GIPN French Nat Police Intervnton Group
78077 1st SFOD-D Combat App Group Team Leader
78078 Armed Forces Russian Federation Sniper
78078S Armed Forces Russian Federation Sniper SE
78079 Operation urban Warrior 99 LC Scott
78080 Operation urban Warrior 99 GS Crews
78081 Operation Red Wings Radio Tel Operator
78082 Gunnery Sergeant Crews Marine Gunner UWE
78083 Russian Motorized Rifle Brigade Mountain
78084 Operation Red Wings SDV TEAM 1 Corpsman
78085 Operation Red Wings SDV TEAM 1 Sniper
78086 Military Police of Russia
Figures 1/6 Firearms
EF001-EF005 SOPMOD II M4 Set (of 5)
EF006-EF011 Spetsnaz Assault Rifle AK105 Set
EF012- EF018 Vector SMG Tactical Set
EF024-EF025 Desert Eagle Set DAM
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