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Barnyard Commandos
 1989 - 1990 
Assortments (5)
Pork Figures
Pork Figures 2nd series
Ram Figures
Ram Figures 2nd series
Pork Figures
Captain Tusker Chitlins
General Hamfat Lardo
Private Side O'Bacon
Sergeant Shoat N. Sweet
Pork Figures 2nd series
Captain Hogg Wilde
Corporal Hy Ondahog
Major Piggyback Gunner
Staff Sergeant Blaster McBacon
Ram Figures
Commodore Fleece Cardigan
Major Legger Mutton
Pilot Fluff Pendleton
Sergeant Wooly Pullover
Ram Figures 2nd series
Commander Missiles Muttonchop
Lieutenant Sureshot Shearling
Master sergeant Cornelius Cannonfodder
Private Bull Bellwether
Ram Tank
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Barnyard Commandos    
On a farn deep in the heartland of America, an abandoned military experiment has had unexpected consequences - common farm animals have turned into.... barnyard commandos!
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