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Batman Beyond
Assortments (7)
Figure - 200th
Figure - Boxed
Figure 9"
Figures - Deluxe
Micro Playset
Ballistic Blade Batman
Bat-Hang Batman
Covert Batman
Energy Strike Batman
Future Knight Batman
Hydro Force Batman
J's Gang Power Throw
Laser Batman
Lightning Storm Batman
Manta Racer Batman
Power Armor Batman
Power Cape Batman
Sonar Strike Batman
Surface-to-Air Batman
The Jokerz
Thunderwhip Batman
Figure - 200th
Justice Flight Batman (200th)
Figure - Boxed
Tomorrow Armor Batman
Figure 9"
Batman Beyond
Figures - Deluxe
Neon-Camo Batman
Strato Defense Batman
Strikecycle Batman
Micro Playset
Batcave Playset
Batman, Batmobile & Blight's Sportscar
Batman, Netrunner Batmobile & Smart Bat
J-Man, Motorcycle & Funny-Car
Street to Sky Batmobile
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Batman Beyond    
For decades, Batman reigned as Gotham City's crime fighting Dark-Knight. But now, 50 years into the future, the unthinkable is happening: the aging Bruce Wayne is hanging up his cape. But when a brave, young high school kid named Terry McGinnis stumbles onto the secret of Batman's true identity, a new alliance is forged. And an awesome new hero is born! That means trouble for Gotham's low-life losers and sinister business tycoon, Derek Powers. Now armed with a dazzling array of advanced Bat-technology, Terry becomes the new BATMAN - and explodes onto the futuristic Gotham City streets.
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