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Big Jim
 1973 - 1976 
Assortments (31)
Action Sets (Boxed outfits)
Action Sets (Carded outfits)
Adventure Gear (boxed)
Adventure Gear (carded outfits)
Adventure Sets (Outfits in blue box)
Adventure Sets (Outfits in red box)
Big Jim Outfits
Carry Case
Jungle Figures
Jungle Vehicles and Playsets
Mission Pack (Boxed Outfits)
Old West Figures
Old West Horses, Vehicles, Tents
PACK Accessories
PACK case
PACK Double Trouble Disguises
PACK Figures
PACK Vehicles
Pirate Figures
Pirate Vehicle
Space Figures
Space Role-play
Sports Figures, Outfits and Playsets
Spy 004 Vehicles and Playsets
Spy Figures
Spy Packs (outfits)
Suit'em Up (Carded Outfits)
Super Agent 004 Figures
Super Agent 004 Vehicles and Playsets
Vehicles and Playsets
Action Sets (Boxed outfits)
Agent Outfit (blue sweats)
Airplane Pilot Action Set 8218
Arab Disguise
Camping (1981)
Fire Fighter Action Set 9487
Frogman Diver Action Set 9431
Helicopter Pilot Action Set 9493
Highway Police Action Set 9433
Hunter Outfit
Hunting Gear
Indian Chief Action Set 7397
Indian Chief Action Set 9413
Jockey Action Set 9491
Jogger (1981)
Kung Fu Karate Action Set 7391
Master Mariner Action Set 9486
Motocross Champion (1981)
Mountain Expedition Set
Mountain Rescue Set
Nuclear Danger Action Set 8215
Pirate Captain
Pirate Crew (Buccaneer)
Race Car Driver Outfit 8214
Race Pilot Action Set 8217
Ranger Set
Safari Action Set
Safari Guide Action Set 8861
Safari Guide Action Set 9488
Sailing Set 7390
Ski Patrol Action Set (white) 9430
Skier outfit (1976)
Skiing Champion Action Set 9492
Sports Jogging Action Set 8211
US Navy Sailor Action Set 2911
War Correspondent
Western Cowboy Action Set 7394
Action Sets (Carded outfits)
Bodyguard Set (1983)
Cowboy Set (1982)
Demolition Expert (1983)
Frogman (1983)
Guerrilla Fighter Set (1983)
Mechanic Set (1982)
Mercenary Set (1983)
Mountain Agent (1983)
Mountain Agent Set (1983)
Paramedic (1982)
Safari Set (1982)
Secret Agent Set (1982)
Soccer Set (1982)
Adventure Gear (boxed)
Equestrian Adventure Gear (1976) 9922
Fire Rescue Adventure Gear 9921
Adventure Gear (carded outfits)
Cowboy Set 7431
Fire Fighter Set
Jungle Guide Set (1974)
Adventure Sets (Outfits in blue box)
All-Terrain Vehicle Driver Set (1984) 7147
Antiterrorist (1982 )
Astronaut 4048
Astronaut Adventure Set 7145
Attack Vehicle Driver (1983)
Commando Raft (1982) 5433
Communications Agent (1983) 7149
European Policeman
Frogman Scuba (red)
Headquarters Guard 7148
Military Commando
Motorcycle Driver Adventure Set 7151
Radio Man (1982) 5436
Safari Hunter Adventure Set 5437
Scuba Diver Adventure Set 5434
Spy Motorcycle Adventure Set 4046
Vehicle driver (red) 7150
WindSurfer (1982)
Adventure Sets (Outfits in red box)
All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) driver (1982)
Astronaut 7146 (1983)
Communications Agent (1983)
HeadQuarters Guard (1983)
Motorcycle Driver Set (1983)
Vehicle driver (red)
Big Jim Outfits
Fur-collared coat
Russian Set (Italian, Leather)
Trapper Set (Italian, Leather)
White Lab Overalls (Italian, Leather)
Carry Case
Carry Case
Big Jack
Big Jeff
Big Jim
Big Jim Explorer
Big Jim Kung Fu Gear
Big Jim with Talking Field Radio
Big Josh
Big Josh Eagle Set
Big Josh with Talking Camp Pack
Dr Steel
Professor OBB Standard
Talking Backpacker (1976)
Jungle Figures
Baron Fangg (1984)
Big Jack (with big knife)
Dr Alec (1984)
Jungle Vehicles and Playsets
Devil River Trip (Alligator)
Jungle Adventure (Gorilla)
Jungle Truck (w/ Baby Rhino)
On the tiger trail (1976)
Safari Hut Playset / Case
Safari Jeep
Mission Pack (Boxed Outfits)
Assignment Espionage (1984)
Commanders Uniform
Deep Sea Caper (1984)
Headquarter Commander (1984)
Overloard Suit (1984)
Professor Obb
Undersea Adventure (1984)
Old West Figures
Bisonte Nero
Buffalo Bill (1976)
Chief Tankua (1975)
Dakota Joe
Dakota Joe - narrow box
Fresca Rugiada (1977)
Geronimo - narrow box
Old Kentucky (1976)
Old West Horses, Vehicles, Tents
Amigo (Horse)
Indian Tent (1975 )
Ouragan Horse
Pinto (Indian horse) (1975)
Thunder (Horse)
Wagon / Caravan / Carro
PACK Accessories
Hard Hat / Gunner
Miner / Underworld Fighter
Motorcycle Cop / SWAT Adventure
Photographer / Master Spy Adventure
PACK case
P.A.C.K. Carrying Case
PACK Double Trouble Disguises
Dirt Biker
Martial Arts
Ski Patrol
PACK Figures
Big Jim - Double Trouble
Big Jim - The Leader (narrow box)
Big Jim - The Leader (narrow box, comic book)
Dr. Steel
Dr.Steel (narrow box)
The Whip
The Whip (narrow box)
Torpedo Fist
Warpath (narrow box)
Zorak, The Enemy (Double Trouble)
PACK Vehicles
Blitz-Rig (Sears Exclusive)
Off-Road Patrol Set
Swamp Patrol
The Beast
The Howler
Pirate Figures
Capitan Hook
Captain Drake
Captain Flint / Sandokan
Captain Uncino
Pirate Vehicle
Pirate Boat
Space Figures
Air Ace (Pilot)
Big Jim Special Agent
Captain Laser (1980)
Colonel Kirk
Commander Big Jim (1984)
Dr. Bushido
Laser Gunner (1982)
Professor Obb Overlord (1984)
Star Commander
Thunder Blue Agent Spatial (1984)
Vektor (1984 )
Space Role-play
Electronic Helmet with Space Voice
Sports Figures, Outfits and Playsets
Big Jim All Star Set (outfits)
Big Jim Karate (1984)
Big Jim Winter Sports Gear (Hockey, yellow)
Big Jim Winter Sports Gear (Sky, blue)
Big Jim, Jogging (1984)
Gold Medal Big Jack - Olympic Champ
Gold Medal Big Jim - US Olympic Boxing Match
Gold Medal Big Jim - US Olympic Champ
Gold Medal Big Jim - US Olympic Sky Run
Spy 004 Vehicles and Playsets
Adventure Mobile Supercar
Counterspy Detection Van (1981)
Gyrocopter and Detection Backpack (1981)
Secret Headquarters (1981)
Spy Helicopter (1981)
Spy Mobile
Spy Tent 004 (1981)
Spy Figures
Alpinist Joe
Big Jim Global Command (LE 13,500) (1984)
Big Jim Intrepido (1984)
Boris (1981)
Commando Jeff
Iron Jaw
Parlante con Radio (1982) (black pack)
Parlante con Radio (1982) (white pack)
Professor OBB (1981)
Professor OBB Condor Force (LE 13,500) (1984)
Secret Agent
Spy Packs (outfits)
Commando (1981)
Pilot (1981)
Ski (1981)
Suit'em Up (Carded Outfits)
Argentine Gaucho (1975)
Basketball Gear
Basketball Gear (green)
Demolitioner outfit (1975) 9417
Double Trouble outfit (1975)
Eagle Ranger
Frogman / Diver
Helicoptr Pilot 7307
Indian Chief (1975)
Jungle Vet 8974
Rescue Ranger Set
Skin Diving 8855
Sport Fishing
US Olympic Skier (1974)
Super Agent 004 Figures
004 (1981)
004 (1981) (white trenchcoat)
Secret Agent
Super Agent 004 Vehicles and Playsets
Lazervette (1979)
Sea Jet (1979)
Space Mission Set (1979)
Spy Mobile Supercar
Undersea Danger Set (octopus)
Vehicles and Playsets
Adventure-Mobile (1980)
All terrain vehicle (1982)
Alpha Base
Artic Rescue (Sled)
Attack vehicle (1984)
Avalanche Patrol Set (Figure + Dog)
Baja Beast Vehicle
Boat'n Buggy Set
Campin'Tent (Tienda) (1977)
Command Copter (1984)
Command Mobile
Commando Cycle (1982 )
Condor Patrol
Daredevil Skyjump
Desert Hawk (1986)
Discovery Base
Dive to Danger
Dune Devil
Global Command Center (1984)
Kung Fu Studio
Laboratorio Mobile
Laser Backpack (1982)
Laser Raider - Supersonic Cruiser (1984)
Motocross Honda
Policeman Adventure Set 4050
Poste Commando
Pulse Reactor
Raider Cycle (1984)
Rescue Copter (1976)
Rescue Rig (1975)
Rugged Rider
Sand Sniper
Sky Commander Jet Playset / Carry-Case
Sonic Speeder
Space Spy Vehicle (1983)
Speed Cycle
Sports Camper (Roulotte) (1974)
Star Stalker - Mission Spacecraft (1984)
Terror Off Tahiti
The Eagle of Danger Peak (Eagle)
VW Golf Cabriolet / Convertible (1981)
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Big Jim    
Big Jim was the action hero type who could master any sport on the way to his next adventure. Extremely poseable, he has a large button in the centre of his back that causes a karate chop movement with his arm. On the negative side the vinyl the arms are made from does deteriorate into a mottled brown colour.
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