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Captain Planet (and the Planeteers)
The Power is Yours!
 1991 - 1994 
Assortments (6)
1991 Figures
1992 Figures
1993-94 Figures - Kmart
1994 Figures: The New Adventures
1991 Figures
Captain Planet
Captain Planet, Color change
Doll 10 inch
Dr Blight
Duke Nukem
Gi Planeteer
Hoggish Greedly
Ma-Ti & Kwame
Planeteer Wheeler
Sly Sludge
Verminous Skumm - King Size Sewer-Rat Villain
1992 Figures
Captain Planet, Light and Thunder
Captain Planet, with Pollution Armor
Captain Planet, with Power Commands (gold)
Commander Clash
Duke Nukem with LED
Gi, talking
Kwame, talking
Linka Planeteer with Eco Commands
Ma-Ti, talking
Ma-Ti, with Rescue Pack
Wheeler Planeteer with Eco Commands
Wheeler, with Tread Pack
1993-94 Figures - Kmart
Argos Bleak
Captain Planet, All-American
Captain Planet, Armor
Captain Planet, Artic
Captain Planet, Meteor
Captain Planet, Tornado
1994 Figures: The New Adventures
Captain Planet, Firestorm
Captain Planet, Thunder & Lightning
Captain Planet, with Anti-Radiation Armor
Duke's Exploding Reactor
Toxic Sludge Dump - Eco-Villain Disaster Set
Toxic Trap
Eco Disaster Bulldozer
Eco Jailer, Planeteer Vehicle
Eco-Cycle - Planeteer Vehicle
Eco-Sub - Planeteer Underwater Vehicle
Garbage Cannon Truck
Geo-Cruiser - Planeteer Air or Land Vehicle
Planeteer Copter - Air Patrol Vehicle
Skumm-O-Copter - Eco-Villain Air Vehicle
Toxic Cannon - Eco-Villain Vehicle
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Captain Planet (and the Planeteers)    
Captain Planet was the brain child of media mogul Ted Turner. Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth, awakens to find the world in danger from pollution and other toxic evils. So, she assembles a group of geographically and racially diverse youth -- Wheeler (North America), Kwame (Africa), Linka (Eastern Europe), Ma-Ti (South America) and Gi (Asia). And, by their powers combined, they form a superbeing known as Captain Planet.
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