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Crash Bandicoot
 1998 - 1999 
Assortments (2)
Figures 1998
Figures 1999
Figures 1998
Coco Bandicoot
Dr Neo Cortex
Jet Pack Crash Bandicoot
JetBoard Crash Bandicoot
Komodo Moe
Figures 1999
Dr N Tropy
Deep Dive Crash Bandicoot
Dr N Gin
High Flying Crash Bandicoot
Moto Crash & Coco Bandicoot
Wave Rider Coco Bandicoot
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Crash Bandicoot    
In the console game in Crash Bandicoot, the ever-grinning orange hero chases his mad scientist nemesis Dr Neo Cortex. The intrepid marsupial adventurer goes on on a platform-hopping quest to keep the world safe from Dr. Neo Cortex' dastardly plans.
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